It is recommended that a prime and continuous diesel generator is run at around 60-75% of its maximum rated load. A set should never be run with no load for longer than 15 minutes at a time, and you will need to follow manufacturer guidelines to know how long you can run your generator with a low load (<60% of maximum rating).

Click here for more information about running a generator on a low load.

Generator sizing is fundamentally important; too small and you won’t power up your operation, or too big and you can risk damaging the generator due to low load.

Follow our step by step guide to generator kVA sizing here.

Prime describes a generator that acts as the primary power source for an application without using the grid and can be run 24/7 at near to their maximum load.

Find out more about prime and standby generators here.

A standby generator acts as a backup power source in the event of a power cut.

Find out more about prime and standby generators here.

Once the output reaches 250kVA the generators will usually be classed as industrial sets suitable for agricultural, manufacturing, and heavy industrial applications.

Find out more about generator types here.

Our tips for increasing the lifespan of your generator purchase are:

1. Change oil and oil filters regularly

2. Regular servicing and changing air filters

3. Use good quality fuel and change fuel filters

4. Plan for yearly load bank testing

For more details about how to keep your generator in top condition read: How to increase the lifespan of your generator

Used generators

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A bunded storage tank is a tank within a tank, fuel is stored within an inner layer or skin. An outer casing is a secondary tank that encases the inner tank. Click here to learn more about bunded fuel tanks.

The average lifespan of a fuel storage tank is between 10-15 years with careful maintenance. Learn more here

The control panel within a diesel generator serves as the central hub for monitoring and controlling different aspects of the generator's operation. Learn more about control panels here: What is the purpose of a control panel?


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Power factor (PF) relates to energy efficiency; it is the ratio of working power to apparent power. Measured between 0 and 1 as a unitless quantity, the closer the Power Factor is to 1 the more efficient the power delivery system is at utilising the supplied source.

Learn more about Power Factor and how it affects your generator here.


Regular maintenance and servicing play a crucial role in ensuring that your generator operates at its best, lasts longer, and remains safe to use. Read more about the importance of generator/engine servicing in our news article about generator servicing.

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