What Is A Bunded Storage Tank?

What Is A Bunded Storage Tank?

A bunded storage tank is a tank within a tank, fuel is stored within an inner layer or skin. An outer casing is a secondary tank that encases the inner tank.

Ensuring your tank is fit-for-purpose is incredibly important. The tank acts as a way of catching any spilt fuel as well as containing the contents in the event that the inner layer cracks or fails in any way.

Bunded storage tanks protect the contents from contact with fire as well as protecting the surrounding environment from pollution and contamination.

 Examples of bunded storage tanks recently delivered to our yard in Pershore.


The average lifespan of a fuel storage tank is between 10-15 years with careful maintenance.

Bunded tanks are the safest way to store fuel. The maximum capacity should be sized to hold 100% of the contents of the inner tank plus 10% to allow for the inner tank to fail safe.

If you are unsure if your storage tank needs to be replaced, check for cracks, rust and leaks. To prolong the life of the tank, have your tank serviced approximately every six months.

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