Witness Load Testing

Witness Load Testing

From witness test to crane delivery in less than 72 hours.

It was a pleasure to have one of our regular customers visit our site in Pershore recently. Gary and Dan came to site to witness the load test carried out on a 1250kVA and a 1700kVA Perkins used generator. The company, based in the UK, are taking extra care this year to ensure their meat processing plant is unaffected by possible power outages.

Gary and Dan were very happy with the load test they witnesses prior to purchasing the used generators. The generators ran exactly as expected, we completed a demonstration of multiple step loads, simulating true loads.

Just hours after witnessing the load test we organised for the Perkins generators to be craned onto flatbed lorries and driven up to the company’s facilities.

We wish the team a smooth install and a disruption free and profitable winter.


The two Perkins generators were craned out of the Generators For Export yard and despatched on two separate Vic Haines flatbed lorries.

All of our generators undergo a load test and inspection here at the Generators For Export site in Pershore. As an exporter of high quality used generators we are careful to supply our customers with the best equipment.

To learn more about load bank testing have a look at our previous post: What is generator load bank testing and why do we need to do it?

1250 kVA Perkins Used Generator


We love customer visits, why not come and visit our offices in Pershore and have a look at our large range of used generators?

Buying a used generator from Generators For Export? Book a witness test to see your generator in action!

What is a witness test?

It is similar to viewing a car before buying. We are able to fill you with confidence in the product you are purchasing. Not to mention show off our extensive range of used generators in our well organised, concreted yard. We provide you with a fresh hi-vis vest to ensure your safety at all time when visiting our site. One of our engineers runs a demonstration simulating true loads and showing the capacity of the generator.

1700kVA Perkins Used Generator

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