Supporting Our Friends In Ukraine

Supporting Our Friends In Ukraine

We love hearing feedback from our customers particularly when we know how important the generator is for them. We recently supplied a 720kVA Perkins unit and a 45kVA Iveco unit to support one of our clients in Ukraine to back up their large storage facility. The units arrived just in time as the cold weather has just begun.

Mr. Fleming from the company wrote to thank us for the two excellent quality units and to advise us that they are already up and running and online supporting them. He also went on to add how quiet the units were and what good condition they were in.

We wish Mr Fleming every success for the future.


It is incredibly important to Generators For Export that all generators supplied to our valued customers are the best we can offer. We are able to provide peace of mind to our Ukrainian friends. In the midst of the incredibly hard times Ukraine are facing, they can at least rely on Generators For Export to supply a reliable power source.

We are proud to provide generators to Ukraine. These generators were one of many loads of generators we have sent out to our friends and partners in Ukraine. Emergency power is vital to helping the inhabitants to continue to live

Mr Fleming was kind enough to send us some footage of his new generators up and running. As is evident by the conditions shown in the video clips, the generators will provide a vital source of support to the business during the winter months. Having more than one generator on site will provide an alternative source of power in the event that the primary power supply is interrupted. The company will also be able to cope with a drop in power or even a surge in power. Have a look at the generators in situ here.


For more information on how generators can help provide support when utility power is inconsistent, see the following article: Which kVA Do I Need?

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