New Stock On The Block

We recently took delivery of two used CUMMINS diesel generators.

We now have a Cummins KTA50-G3 1250kVA and a Cummins VTA28-G1 575kVA on site. The generators had previously been installed as part of a set of 4 open generators within a bespoke facility.

With the help of our friends at Vic Haines, the generators were safely extracted from the building using Vic Haines’ specialist equipment. The complex is located in an incredibly idyllic location. The Vic Haines team sent us these excellent photos of the site.


Once the generators were delivered to our Pershore site, each underwent a load test and inspection, carried out by our experienced engineers.

Each generator is in pristine condition having run for less than 200 hours each.

The story behind the generators

Due to new streamlined processes and improved efficiency on site, two out of the four Cummins generators were decommissioned as they were no longer needed. The company are able to generate enough power from two generators to run their entire operation.

We are currently getting the generators ready to be sold, all of our generators are inspected and load tested prior to sale to make sure our customers receive a reliable, high quality item. These two fine Cummins generators are no exception. Looking to buy or sell a used generator? Get in touch for a quote:


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