Power cable disaster causes concerns about UK black outs

On 15 September 2021, a fire at a Kent National Grid IFA (Interconnexion France-Angleterre) site shut down the high voltage power cable between French nuclear power stations and the United Kingdom’s electricity grid. The interconnector is said to supply more power than the sum of all the UK windfarms.

This event has led to concerns about an energy crisis, soaring prices for consumer energy bills and increased risk of black outs with a 2-gigawatt (GW) loss of interconnection capacity between the UK and France.

Here are 18 ways to prepare for power cuts:

  1. In the UK, remember 105 
  2. Consider buying, hiring, or sharing a residential generator with neighbours; particularly if you live in an isolated area, or one prone to power cuts. View our ready to ship stock here
  3. Keep torches and battery powered lighting solutions to hand
  4. Stock up on extra batteries
  5. Keep warm outdoor clothes on hand inside the home during the winter months
  6. Keep your mobile phone charged
  7. Stock up on battery pack chargers
  8. Turn on your mobile’s low power mode
  9. Keep your transport fuelled up
  10. Be vigilant: Know where your nearest power lines and substations are, if you see a problem with them you should report to emergency services to avoid injury to yourself or others
  11. Keep your laptop charged and surge protected
  12. Keep at least one corded phone in your house
  13. If you are eligible, register on the priority services register
  14. Consider a battery back-up or residential generator for any essential medical equipment. Most stair lifts have a battery backup fitted, if you do not have one contact your manufacturer for support.
  15. Regularly charge emergency medical equipment.
  16. Keep a stock of food which doesn’t need heat to prepare and a supply of water
  17. Have emergency contacts stored somewhere easy to find in low light
  18. Have a written list of emergency contacts. Include: family, friends, GP, pharmacist, and utility companies

If you have any questions regarding emergency power solutions, we are on hand to help. You can find our contact information here.

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