Balmoral 10000 Litre Bunded Plastic Diesel Fuel Storage and Dispensing Tank


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Balmoral 10000 Litre Bunded Diesel tank available (4 currently available) in an “As New” Used condition. Only ever stored white diesel and is in good condition.

Designed specifically to satisfy the fuel storage requirements of agricultural, commercial and industrial Diesel users. A great saving on a New Balmoral 10000L Fuel Station, which are the most advance self-contained Diesel Dispensing Solutions available from any UK and European manufacturer.


  • Electronic Level gauge
  • Bund Alarm
  • Cabinet installed 2" BSP fill point
  • 4" Lockable Inspection port
  • Mechanical Overfill Protection
  • Lockable cabinet and tank inspection lid
  • OCIO Tank Level Monitor

4 Units Available 



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